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No time? No energy? NO PROBLEM!

We all have the same amount of time, and I'm here to share the best ways for you to spend that time for maximum energy and enjoyment of life, at work and at home.




I inspire strong health conscious individuals to use their passion for natural health to engage with an innovative business model and change their lives!


Wellness for  Mompreneurs

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What if self-care was a priority instead of a chore?

Maggie the Mompreneur's Mentor here!

Let's organize your lifestyle to support your wellbeing in your role as CEO of home, community and work.

Feel balanced, peaceful and satisfied with your daily efforts.

The Struggle is Real!

We have this idea that business ownership provides flexibility and uncapped profit.

“We can have better work-life balance.” - we say.

It is the promise of being your own boss!

But often that gets shelved for the future, at the expense of wellness, especially while also raising children and supporting your community.



Be Your Best Self

My work brings peacefulness into your NOW, by integrating wellness resources into daily household activities so that you have:

- more time and energy
- easier transitions between roles
- preventative solutions to stress and illness

I help shift the mindset towards satisfaction, share Ayurvedic guidelines for energy, and teach emotional and physical use of essential oils for medicine-cabinet make-over and non-toxic housekeeping.

Stop riding out the storm, racing the clock,
swallowing the mom-guilt, sacrificing yourself to the pressure…
there is a better way!