founder of inspire haus

Hi, I'm Maggie

My mission is to help women prioritize their self-care and financial independence, so they feel worthy of a sustainable lifestyle. My vision is for women to flourish in business and home-life leadership. My commitment is to lead by example and support a re-evaluation of a woman's worth, based on the positive transformation of the value of my role as a caregiver and mentor.

I am a mother of daughters. I am a social entrepreneur, business generalist, and project manager with over 15 years of experience in community health and the healing arts community. My partner is a public servant and a talented violinist. Together we spend time biking, swimming, reading, and sharing real food with friends.

I've directly served about 1 million people in Toronto through small business and non-profit projects. Including having taught 3000+ yoga classes and completed 700+ hrs of training in yoga, Ayurveda, and mindfulness-based stress reduction.


Sustainability is a holistic framework that guides business decision-making. It is the filter through which I perceive, measure, and support each client's growth and success, inside and outside of business experiences. It also ensures that our work today nourishes rather than diminishes, the potential for the future success of our common stakeholders - our children and their children.

I think of sustainability as an approach to the use of available resources. This includes social, environmental, and financial analysis of the risks and opportunities of business activities. It can also include governance, innovation, and adaptability, and ideally represents your stakeholders' interests. Realistically for most women this includes their health and wellness, and that of their loved ones.


I love to help women understand their core beliefs about the value they provide and the compensation they receive, so that they can address beliefs that don't serve their best interests and create new ones that do.

At home this looks like self-care and reciprocity, or lack of... In business of any kind, if you don't feel good about receiving and saving money then your business is suffering. This is a huge conundrum in the good work, wellness, and civil sector! But I want you to realize that through your own sustainability you will increase your impact.

If you love to help people, from the heart and soul of yourself, and you are ready to have that great love reflected back into your own life, then why not commit to becoming truly sustainable! Start here.

To you:

I most appreciate your qualities of individuality, courage, and vision! I work to help to empower you, make you think, and make a social impact, so you feel inspired in making your dreams come true. 

From you:

Working with Maggie in the 90 Days of Change! business training program has really reconstructed my views on my role in service and business. Maggie is super accommodating for a busy mum like me, and is a walking wealth of knowledge. She really knows how to hold space and ask the questions that require me to get introspective and dig deep to get me the answers I need to push forward into the next step of my planning.

This has changed the way I view my monetary worth and has also given me an in-depth transformative understanding of the guilt I felt around it. Transitioning me from a place of fear into a place of building and receiving so I can ‘hit-the-ground-running’ building my business in service for the women in my life and my community with a healthy and bountiful mind-set. I continue to look forward to all of the magic that we will make!
— Jennifer Leigh Jamieson, certified Assaulted Women and Children's Counsellor and Advocate
I know that over many years Maggie has been a vital member of the communities she both lives and works in. She has been engaged in fostering community growth and promoting individual and community health. I know that she is very committed to these endeavours and that her convictions around the themes of equality, human rights and access to healthy living options are the principles which inform both her private and working life.
— Stephanie Woodside, University of Toronto
Maggie facilitated a fun and inspiring vision-board session for my friends and myself. It felt really comfortable and was a wonderful way for us to bond, offering each other support in manifesting our dreams. She asked excellent questions to help me continue to refine my vision, help me identify my core needs and she encouraged me to fill in the details so that I could really find clarity and confidence in helping form a solid vision. I think this kind of work is important, both for my internal clarity of what I really wanted and helping me identify my core desires, but also importantly the creation of vision board as evidence of those desires and being able to own it, discuss it and share it within the safe space that Maggie created, which was also really helpful.
— Shaila Khan, York University
Maggie has inspired me to reflect deeply to identify my values and skills, streamline my goals, and work toward creating a consistent identity as a professional.
— Lori Francescutti, Global BirthKeeper
Maggie O’Connor is the sweetest person. When you get to know her you’ll find out that she knows a lot of different things on a wide range of topics. When she helped us move our office to a new location and negotiate a new lease, I witnessed great communication skill, clear focus and such a creative mind. She’s a planner and problem solver, assisting in small to big things. She’s someone you can talk to and she’ll get all the aspects of what you mean and what you need. She listens with a warm loving heart. Working with her is also fun. She’s relaxed and professional.
— Susanda Yee, TCM Practitioner & Acupuncturist
Maggie objectively and intuitively understands the best course of action for the optimal outcome. She does her research prior to meeting and comes prepared with resourceful solutions. Not only does she design the systems to effectively do the required work, she also wholeheartedly participates in bringing the project to successful completion by inspiring and motivating me to do the necessary work in such a way that it doesn’t feel like a horrible chore. She has a laser-sharp, no-nonsense focus coupled with a calm, compassionate manner. I highly recommend working with Maggie.
— Liz Fox, Professional Organizer
Every time I look at my vision board, I am reminded of what I really want, and that helps me let go, when I’m holding on to things that no longer serve me. I feel like it’s a reminder from my higher self of the vision I want for my life. It is posted up next to my bed, and every morning I lie in the sun, and look at different parts of it. It’s like a roadmap for what I’m living towards.
— Kate O'Connor, Wedding Photographer (my SISTER!)

Maggie O'Connor holds a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art History and a Certificate in Financial Project Management, both from the University of Toronto.  She has also studied enterprise risk management, political science, and women's studies at the University of Toronto, and completed several courses in business administration, business communications, and communications design at Ryerson University.

She is trained in anti-oppression framework, fundraising, volunteer management, and governance best-practices in the not-for-profit sector.  She is certified in Ashtanga Yoga and Trauma-informed Yoga, and has studied Ayurveda and Mindfulness-Based-Stress-Reduction.

She also has the following network marketing education certificates: Content Marketing Professional, Social Media Strategist, and Professional Branding Specialist.