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I inspire strong health conscious individuals to use their passion for natural health to engage with an innovative business model and change their lives!

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My Experiences of Wellness and my Ideas about Wellness Advocacy

Don't Cleanse in January

Maggie O'Connor

Don’t cleanse or detox in January! Because WINTER is here!

I know you feel motivated for change for the new year, and like most, during the holidays you were “indulging” and rightly so, or stress management has led to some unhealthy habits, and you want to nip it in the bud with this chance for a fresh start.

BUT during winter our energy and immunity are significantly challenged because the days are cold and dark, and it is actually the time to carefully nourish and protect your energy.

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If I ignore the facts, I have been anti-biotic-free since 2002.

Maggie O'Connor

I believe my success has come from a consistent awareness and on-going reduction of toxic loading across these areas of my life: household furnishings, cleaners, cosmetics, clothing, medications, and food.  In fact, I want all of us to be able to incorporate non-toxic, beneficial household products and solutions into our homes, so that we have the resources to care for our families, without sacrificing health through on-going exposure to harmful substances.  Doesn't everyone deserve time to rest, be cared for, and recover?!

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We are Hausfrauen-4-Life!

Maggie O'Connor

H4L is Hausfrauen-4-Life, an idea that evolved amongst myself and a handful of my inner circle of new mum friends, who are devoted to living their values!

These days, a large part of Hausfrauen, or home-making, is acquiring the resources to do our work with intentional, intellectual, and emotional integrity.  In the age of excess, consumerism, and disposables, when we can have everything, so much of it is turning out to be such toxic garbage.

How do we live our values?  How do we get what we really want?  How do we get what we really need?

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