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We all have the same amount of time, and I'm here to share the best ways for you to spend that time for maximum energy and enjoyment of life, at work and at home.




I inspire strong health conscious individuals to use their passion for natural health to engage with an innovative business model and change their lives!

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We are Hausfrauen-4-Life!

Maggie O'Connor

H4L is Hausfrauen-4-Life, an idea that evolved amongst myself and a handful of my inner circle of new mum friends, who are devoted to living their values!

These days, a large part of Hausfrauen, or home-making, is acquiring the resources to do our work with intentional, intellectual, and emotional integrity.  In the age of excess, consumerism, and disposables, when we can have everything, so much of it is turning out to be such toxic garbage.

This becomes even more apparent when faced with making choices on behalf of your children, or is simply a matter of stepping up your game as you become more aware of the rotten way things are in mainstream production and commerce.  How do we live our values?  How do we get what we really want?  How do we get what we really need?

That plus, all of the women I know are Hausfrauen-4-Life.  Whether or not they work outside the home, or from home, and whether or not they live alone or with friends, lovers, or family, they are all #workin'it! in the undervalued traditional female gender roles of carer, social connector, maintenance worker, professional organizer, and sustainability facilitator of the household.

This blog will be about all things dōTERRA, and some things Hausfrauen-4-Life:

Alternative and natural.
Serving the people.