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Vision Board: top 3 health goals for summer

  • location to be announced (map)
This vision board will help us get specific from the inside-out, identifying our core values, needs, and desires for wellbeing this summer, and translating those qualities into tangible and iconographic information that we can put to good use everyday.

In spring, we get a fresh sense of livelihood and creativity or motivation.  Vision facilitation helps turn that energy into practical guidelines for daily living, without additional lists or burdensome planning!  The end result is a document made of imagery that speaks to the subconscious mind with every glance.  Hello neo-cortex-limibic system integration!

This session is for the development of a board that is all about the value-based qualities you wish to achieve in your health for the coming summer season.

This is a group session, with limited spots available (10).  Fees: $69 per person.  For more info on Vision Boards click here.

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