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Essential Oils 101 + Spring cleanse and restore: belly, heart, head, and home

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Essential Oils 101 + Spring cleanse and restore: belly, heart, head, and home

Spring is the perfect time of year to support the mind and body in shedding the sludge of the fall and winter months, with a gentle digestive and systemic support program.

This class will introduce essential oils and cleansing protocols for supporting digestive and immune function and health, helping to create an energized and revitalized foundation for summer wellness.  It is a great class for learning more about how to use your oils, or an exciting introduction to the beauty and power of essential oils for health support.

  • Easily build up your knowledge and experience with the health support uses of essential oils.

  • Use oils according to their quality and why essential oils are not all created equal.

  • Integrate essential oils into your household and reduce toxic loading.

  • Understand how essential oils treat us as an emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual whole.

  • Be empowered by the potential to customize the hundreds of compounds available in essential oils to each specific need and use.

RSVP here to join in!

There are 10 spots available in this class.  This is a free event with refreshments and samples!

My hope is that from this class we form a nice group to do the dōTERRA cleanse and restore program together during the month of May, and help support one another with commitment, connection and commradery!
For those who go on to participate, the cleanse and restore program includes access to a private facebook group for on-going support, plus weekly worksheets, and guidelines for nutrition.  Participation in the cleanse program in May is completely optional and not required to attend this class.
The Cleanse and Restore group program starts Monday May 16th, 2016.