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Virtual Classes: Healthy Detox with Essential Oils

Hark!  My friend Li is teaching a private Facebook Live class series!

She's a wonderful presenter, and a diamond ranking leader, who has taught hundreds of classes, so this promises to be a more than excellent representation of what you'd get in my class!

This series is at 10pm EST (7pm PDT), so perfect for enjoying once kids are in bed!  It is only around 45mins in length, and I will be available online throughout to help answer your questions.

RSVP is required - get added to the fb event page:

1.  Pop onto my fb page and look for this post:

2.  In the comments below the post write: "I'm in!" and I'll add you to the event page.

If you can't make it, but are interested, pm me to set up an alternative viewing!

Healthy Detox

This class is open to newbies and can also be considered a master class for existing oilers!