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Essential Oils 101 with Amy Rempel

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Essential Oils 101 with Amy Rempel

Essential Oils 101

with Amy Rempel

Amy Rempel specializes in holistic chronic pain and stress management, as well as 'life after major surgery'. Come hear her story and learn from her amazing experiences!

One of my favourite oils is Peppermint: It has been life changing. Dealing with tension headaches were a weekly struggle for me, usually multiple times per week. During those experiences I was less patient, so lashed out at the kids more and was short tempered with my husband as well, and my brain always felt foggy. 

Peppermint oil has actually helped more than Advil, which I was taking before! It not only gets rid of the pain but also relaxes my muscles around my neck to help relieve it!! I feel more normal now than not, I cannot say enough about the miracle that peppermint oil has given me!! I am much more productive as I notice I don't need to take time out of my day to lie down to try and get rid of it, and have more patience with the kids.

Once a month (every 2nd Tuesday) I'm opening my home up to share my story and introduce friends of friends to:

  1. what therapeutic essential oils are
  2. how to use them to support their health with natural solutions
  3. how to create non-toxic personal care and household cleaning alternatives for a safer home or work environment, in a really economical way!

Please message here me on fb to RSVP. When you RSVP to attend, please include your phone number so I can send you my address, and if you like, include your top health concerns so I can prepare resources for you. Looking forward to meeting everyone new, and seeing some familiar faces!