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No time? No energy? NO PROBLEM!

We all have the same amount of time, and I'm here to share the best ways for you to spend that time for maximum energy and enjoyment of life, at work and at home.




I inspire strong health conscious individuals to use their passion for natural health to engage with an innovative business model and change their lives!

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Network Marketing aligns with my values of Idle Time, Meritocracy, & Democracy.

Maggie O'Connor

time freedom

I like spending time doing... gardening, playing, cleaning, going to the school, going to the pub, going to the coffeeshop, going to the dance school, going to the beach, going to the market, going to the library, eating, cooking, cleaning, coming back from places, running errands, reading books, reading books, watching corrie, doing chores, sleeping, napping, reading books in the hammock, reading books on the beach, riding the subway, the streetcar, then the ferry, riding my bike, and walking.

While my kids are kids, I especially want to spend most of my time doing those things.  I also want to do a ton of more adventurous stuff, so I am intent on investing my working hours into something with significant return.

Being a Wellness Advocate is straight forward, and flexible.  There are a few key rainmaking activities, and its up to me how much I do at any given moment.  In fact, I recently asked two of my dōTERRA Wellness Advocate team mates for details about their experiences, and am happy to share the results:

Q. How much time you spend working on your dōTERRA business each week?
A. 20-40 hours.
A. up to 10 hours (including team meetings).

Q. What else do you spend time doing?
A. Care for my kids and self-care.
A. Look after my family, the house, my animals, the farm business, ride my horses.

Q. What made you decide to do the biz?
A. “Opportunity & time freedom.”
A. “Like to work for myself and build a pipeline.. Done with buckets!”

Q. How long have you been doing the biz?
A. 18 months.
A. 3 months.

Q. How has your income changed in that time?
A. From SAHM to now earning double my spouse.
A. Making about 25% of my career income. Currently on mat leave.


In a good Network Marketing company, people earn income directly according to their efforts.  The dōTERRA's compensation plan certainly works on that premise, and differentiates itself from others in at least 3 really attractive ways:

  1. Success is based on the development of small strong teams who provide great product knowledge and customer service (instead of recruitment pressure), and requires the development of supportive working relationships, mentorship, personal development, and a strong sense of community.
  2. It is designed to create residual income, that starts slowly and then multiplies exponentially, so that you can pursue your higher purpose in life.  This should be described as a sustainable form of investment, in the sense that the work is grounded within a values-based culture of service, nature, and wellbeing, and that the rate of return is exceptional.
  3. It has unlimited potential; there is no cap on on your growth as long as you continue to support the growth and development of others as they build their businesses, with mentorship and leadership.


Business Builder, Wellness Advocate, dōTERRA.  Here's a job that anyone who decides they want to can do it, without being judged or participating in a competition or waiting for external approval.  Highly developed tools, technology, and a supportive community are part of the package, so the job is mostly about participation.  As a business it is extremely financially accessible, in terms of being affordable to start.  And on the flip side, completely transforms the financial landscape of most participating households, with incredible income stability and growth.

but why network marketing?

A dōTERRA Wellness Advocate who is building a business, shares a product that is difficult to demonstrate the value of through traditional advertising.  For example a Wellness Advocate shares samples of an incredibly experiential product, along with a personal testimonial about it, and is directly available to answer questions and provide additional info about it's benefits.  It is an exceptional product, and people either want it or they don't.  In fact, over 80% of dōTERRA's customers are users of their products, not business builders, because it is such an innovative product line.  Essentially, dōTERRA's structure monetizes our existing social habits of promoting positive experiences and favourite products.  However for those who like videos and still have questions... meet Sally & Joe:

Anyone can do this business, but not everyone will.
— Jessie Reimers, Diamond Leader, dōTERRA Australia