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I inspire strong health conscious individuals to use their passion for natural health to engage with an innovative business model and change their lives!

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A Case for Essential Oils & the Oily Life (A Yogi's View)

Maggie O'Connor

At the family easter dinner this afternoon, our friend Taylor asked me how I was enjoying being in the business of [sharing, promoting, selling] essential oils. Well it's been just over a year since I became a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate, and I love it.


These are the 2 things I'm most interested in helping people understand about the oily life.


  • Our bodies respond to the chemistry of essential oils VERY QUICKLY
  • Experiencing that changes the nature of our experiences of discomfort and stress because we can then decide it is not normal or necessary to suffer (HOPE)
  • With consistent use, our wellbeing becomes increasingly improved because we are whole and one area of relief generally leads to another..


  • This means that essential oils are changing lives.. wtf?!
  • What I mean is that while they can do [this, that and the other] the overall effect is that essential oils are SUPPORTIVE of positive change
  • People finally experience a long-desired shift in their health without the mental stress they associate with change (the duress, the hard work) because the oils are just so damn effective

& because inspiration

IMHO becoming healthier only really happens when we have inspiration, the kind that comes from finding something that works and being able to do it for ourselves. I have seen this happen hundreds of times over, while teaching yoga classes, sharing information about Ayurvedic nutrition, suggesting people get acupuncture or learn mindfulness, etc. Now I see that this *new fad* is similarly a game changer for the vast majority who give themselves half a chance to understand it. So ya, I love it.

What is THE OILY LIFE? Think integration, lifestyle, choices, habits, quality of experience, and the pursuit of happiness.

*Essential oils are not new, they have thousands of years of tradition in the healing arts. For example, I was introduced to them through reflexology treatments as a child in the 1980s in Dublin Ireland... talk about coming full circle. Ask me for a sample anytime.