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We all have the same amount of time, and I'm here to share the best ways for you to spend that time for maximum energy and enjoyment of life, at work and at home.




I inspire strong health conscious individuals to use their passion for natural health to engage with an innovative business model and change their lives!

Wellness Prosperity Workshop (live webinar)


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Wellness Prosperity Workshop (live webinar)


Wellness Prosperity Workshop (live webinar)


Know how frustrating and even embarrassing it is when you spend years working in service, truly helping people live better, and then struggle to take care of your own basic needs? I think most wellness professionals do.

Stop Sacrificing Financial Independence. Learn how Wellness Professionals are monetizing their services and you can too.

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The difference between your business giving you anxiety and giving you freedom is VALUE.

I know because my own business is growing because of the value I've added to my client's businesses and their client's lives. 

Instead of personal sacrifice, chasing contracts, running between clinics, studios and fairs... Add value with just one system. Get trained on the dōTERRA essential oils online franchise that improves your customer's experience and provides you with an income stream. This is also your opportunity to to lead by example:

  • buy all the organic groceries and create a more holistic home
  • RECEIVE services and treatments, and go on retreat
  • invest in continuing education and professional development
  • work fewer hours by outsourcing administration and operations
  • experience financial independence (in relationships and in the economy)


I love how dōTERRA's corporate culture aligns with the healing community's ethics. And I KNOW you already appreciate the role of natural solutions in improving your client's wellbeing. Sharing dōTERRA essential oils with your customers helps them to:

  • experience more success getting their wellness "homework" done
  • feel more consistent in their day-to-day efforts to create a holistic lifestyle
  • avoid un-doing the benefits of the holistic therapies they've invested in
  • feel confident in their choices by having easy access to clean, healthy, safe alternatives at home

What's in the Workshop

In this LIVE workshop, we’ll go over all the best-practices for integrating dōTERRA essential oils into an existing wellness business, with great care for your existing brand, regardless of your antipathy for doing sales!

You'll learn how to do dōTERRA with low-risk and low-cost, making sure it pays for itself while you get started. As well as, how to carefully carve out a an average of 5 hours per week to do this.

I’m also sharing my story of entrepreneurship, from being a yoga teacher and studio owner, to an expert business consultant in the healing arts, to now. I want to help you understand how you can make profit while staying connected to your values. As your finances improve, you'll increase your impact with the power to vote with your dollar as a conscious consumer, sustainable investor, and philanthropist.

How this Works

Sustainability and sacrifice are taboo topics in the wellness community, and I would be taking a huge risk with my reputation and livelihood if my workshop didn't deliver the benefits it promises.

So, you can get access to my live workshop for only $35 USD when you enrol as a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate with my team. Before your enrolment is finalized, you'll receive an outline of the culture of our team and the expectations we have of each other, so that you can decide if we are truly a good fit.

At the end of the workshop, my promise to you is that you’ll have the exact formula you need to get from where you are now to that profitable, sustainable position — giving your customers new resources, new opportunities, and your business having additional sales in an automated way.


I mean REALLY show up because we’re both taking the future into our hands as partners in the community, so let’s make it worth it. Attending the workshop is a meaningful decision that represents a turning point in your business, of owning your worth and recognizing the greater value of your business.

You already have your dream job, now let's make it sustainable!