get inspired & build a multi-6-figure income with social enterprise

The 90-Days of Change program enables your big dreams from the inside out, using the dōTERRA network marketing franchise to create ethical wealth. It is designed as a group experience for values-driven women & is open for enrolment now.


Are you already on the path of service, but experiencing resource-poverty or burnout? Engage your feelings of untapped potential! Step forward as a model of sustainable living! Stop losing time to the daily grind! Grow your financial independence! Create a reality that reflects what is important to you!


This is a personal development & business launch program delivered as:

  • An exciting part-time endeavour that you can do alongside your job/life/family
  • An intensive training designed to create momentum and support integration
  • A group experience for highly-motivated, like-minded participants

See if you can visualize yourself as a new Team INSPIRE member:

  • Step into your leadership as a sustainable entrepreneur and philanthropist
  • Improve your intellectual, physical and financial health
  • Elevate your self-worth and wealth consciousness with integrity
  • Collaborate with like-minded individuals who energize your mission


Stop second-guessing the good you want to do.

Founder's story

Yes, you CAN experience satisfaction, motivation, and a strong sense of possibility! I know because I did.

Just a few years ago I was happy doing contract work in the NPO sector while studying sustainability. The irony! #abundancepoverty! As a consultant I didn’t have the resources for paid maternity when I needed it, so I took the time off UNPAID. This really made me clear on the work I wanted to do next: bring the tools of sustainability framework to the values-based business leaders I was encountering in my field, and within that effort I created this program!

Within 6 months I opened a dōTERRA network marketing account to:

  • Explore their model of sustainability framework
  • Improve my wellbeing as a new mum and share my compelling experiences
  • Increase my impact as an agent-of-change by duplicating my success in others

Now I am a living example of the promised benefits:

  • I get to work from home, part-time, while my kids are young
  • Generate my highest-ever income by helping others
  • While planning my legacy…
    ...and I experience all of this while remaining steadfast in my core values!


If this story speaks to you, if THIS IS YOUR TIME, read further to find out how to apply.


This program is about action, accountability, and actualization.


As a social enterprise expert and a ranking network marketer I have designed this program as a step-by-step, implementation-focused experience:

  • You’ll work with me directly to leverage your existing skills and intellectual interests into your business, to create an offering as unique as yourself.
  • You’ll receive personal step-by-step guidance, transformational coaching, done-for you templates, and powerful accountability, to ensure you feel fully supported.

The contents of the program form a holistic container for positive change:

  • You’ll prioritize the wellbeing of your body and mind, so you can lead by example, learning to care for yourself with the same TLC you offer others.
  • You’ll create inner mindset shifts around what I have identified as the main barrier to entrepreneurial success: the culture of servitude that prevails in the social enterprise and community sectors, and negatively affects one’s sense of self-worth.
  • You’ll take bold action on what you learn and enrol like-minded clients and teammates within 90 days, creating momentum in your business and finances, and expanding your community.
I have been in network marketing for 4 years now but recently switched companies to join this program. Doing 90-Days-of-Change, I feel so much more prepared and have a better understanding of what I need to do in order to make my business a success.

I love this company and the program because it is about authentically connecting with people and building meaningful connections. At the same time I can help people with various health needs whether it be in nutrition, using health supplements or with essential oils.
— Amy Rempel

To Be Accepted

Are you open to big beautiful changes?

This April ideal applicants will be invited to participate in the program, which starts in May 2017.  Working in tandem, program members will benefit from the collective experience of developing wellbeing, self-worth, leadership, and financial sustainability within a like-minded and visionary group!


FIRST… please read this ENTIRE letter so you are clear as to HOW this powerful program will benefit you!

THEN… simply request the First 90 Days of Change! application via the form below, and return your completed application via email.


***Sending in your application does not commit you to the program!***

Once we receive your application, we will arrange a quick phone conversation where you can ask questions and we can both make sure the program is a fit for you.  You’ll also hear about the sliding-scale of investment options you can choose from.

To finalize your acceptance into the program, you’ll simply need to complete a brief Payment Enrolment Form, which we’ll send you on acceptance into the program.

Working with Maggie in the 90 Days of Change! program has really reconstructed my views on my role in service and business. Maggie is super accommodating for a busy mum like me, and is a walking wealth of knowledge. She really knows how to hold space and ask the questions that require me to get introspective and dig deep to get me the answers I need to push forward into the next step of my planning.

This has changed the way I view my monetary worth and has also given me an in-depth transformative understanding of the guilt I felt around it. Transitioning me from a place of fear into a place of building and receiving so I can ‘hit-the-ground-running’ building my business in service for the women in my life and my community with a healthy and bountiful mind-set. I continue to look forward to all of the magic that we will make!
— Jennifer Leigh Jamieson

90-day outcomes

This is how to create a multi-6 figure business without "doing sales" while growing your sense of worth and serving your vision!


Step One!  The Intellectual Work: Understanding Your Mission

  • Understand what your deep inner motivations are, where they come from, why they are important to you, and how to bolster yourself with them when times get tough!
  • Understand your purpose, what you’re here to do and how to do it, and why it is important for you to follow through with your contributions.
  • Recognize and accept your fears, and turn them into fuel for your mission.  Begin to develop your leadership consciousness, and step onto the pathway of being true to yourself.

RESULT: Create your philanthropic vision and gain a strong sense of your value to yourself, your family, and the community.


Step 2!  The Health and Self-care Work: Understanding How Essential Oils Can Improve Your Wellbeing

  • Prioritize your self-care, specifically strengthening your habits to do the things that actually help you heal and grow.
  • Fall in love with the lifestyle, understand the benefits, simplicity of use, and broad potential for application, and gain insight into how essential oils help people to adopt holistic health concepts.
  • Develop your consumer consciousness.  Let go of toxic crap and see through the myth of consumer safety.  Learn the risks of conventional choices, and how important it is to share these lessons.  Understand how to put the power of your consumer dollars to work for your wellbeing!

RESULT:  Embody your vision of wellness and lead by example.


Step 3!  Using Organizational Tools and Systems To Achieve Your Financial Goals

  • Prepare the physical and virtual office that keep your business flowing, and understand the tools that support your ongoing improvement.
  • Start to develop your wealth-consciousness in alignment with your personal politic, and orient your money mindset towards your goals with mindfulness.
  • Set your first bold financial goals through your business; and learn to plan and track your first 12+ months in business.

RESULT:  Experience business readiness, financial responsibility, and a greater sense of what’s possible for your mission.


Step 4!  Book The Dates For Your First 6 Essential Oils Classes

  • Integrate your intellectual goals and personal essential oils experiences into your new business story.
  • Learn how to reach out to people about your business with respect and professionalism, in alignment with your core values.

RESULT:  Develop the skills to talk about your new business with ease and pleasure.


Step 5!  Getting Your First Customers

  • Personalize your business presentation with your story and goals, so it is energized with feelings of non-attachment and empowerment.
  • Teach your first essential oils classes (we co-teach them) within a culture of service and education, and learn how best to follow-up, enrol and support your clients.

RESULT: Experience the business of helping others without sales pressure.


Step 6!  Craft Your Message

  • Craft and communicate your unique message to create a social media presence and connect with like-minded individuals outside of your immediate circle.
  • Integrate your existing skills and strengths into your offering, and step into your leadership with confidence and excitement.

RESULT: Become a thought leader and expand your community.


Step 7!  Building Your Team

  • Create the avatar of your ideal collaborator and customize the enrolment materials of this program for your unique audience.
  • Identify members of your community who fit your avatar that you’d love to work with, who could benefit from the opportunity to support their own mission.

RESULT: Enrol 3+ deeply motivated community members onto your team.


Next Steps!  Supporting Your Team

  • Deliver this program using your experience and the step-by-step program tools and materials, course-correcting along the way.
  • Mentor your new team members throughout the process, with the on-going support of your Team INSPIRE peers, myself included.

RESULT: Experience a more sustainable lifestyle!

benefits & bonuses

As a program member you'll receive these benefits:

  • Kickstart assignment & Master calendar!
  • All info and materials - instructions, templates, checklists, scripts, videos, how-to’s
  • weekly individual coaching sessions (by phone or online)
  • 7 group coaching sessions (in person or online)
  • 7 live training sessions (online)
  • Private group community forum online (fb)
  • Direct email/phone access for support in a flash!


  • 1-day VIP retreat (implementation focused collaboration)
  • A Team INSPIRE co-presenter for your first 4+ essential oils class presentations (online or in person)

why now?

This April, the original graduates of the 90-Days of Change open enrolment to find their top new business partners. Also as the founder I continue's to support all participants and team leaders to duplicate and amplify the work, with much joy and accomplishment!


Who this program is a fit for:

Individuals who identify as feminists (regardless of gender) and conscious consumers, are passionate about helping others, and are open to integrative health, mentorship and wealth.

*Each individual’s success requires the success of each team member, so while no one will be left behind, only those who are a fit in terms of values and accountability, will be accepted into the program.

Who you CAN’T be: someone focused solely on financial results.


If accepted the commitment is: 5-10hrs per week, 100% participation, and 100% accountability.

apply here:

If YOU wish to play a bigger game, make a bigger impact, and finally make the kind of money you KNOW will enable your vision of a fulfilling and sustainable lifestyle then I invite you to apply today.

The next step couldn't be simpler.

To be considered for the program, simply request your application and return it to me. After I receive your application, my team will connect with you to schedule our interview. Together we'll decide if it's a match, so you can explore this exciting possibility without risk, fear or hesitation.

Request your application using the form below. Your application will be delivered near­instantly via email to the address you enter.

The next 3 months can change your life, but only if you complete your application today. Ready?!  I can't wait to read your application and connect with you personally.


She believed she could do it so she did.
— L.S.A., Zero Emissions Consulting